Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice, EVERYONE!!

The title says it all!

So as i'm here sitting at my cubicle with only 1 task to do for the day, i might as well spend my time on my dearest bloggie!

Today marks the day where Chinese celebrate the Winter Solstice Festival or better known as Dong Zhi whereby we rolled the glutinous rice balls the night before. Fyi, this festival falls on every 22nd of December of the year, just 3 days before Christmas. And apparently this festival is bigger than our Chinese New Year but i guess the tradition is slowly fading eyh?

The glutinous rice balls, or better known as tong yuen, symbolized family unity and that the rounder the balls are, the stronger the ties were. Some tong yuen have fillings in em' be it powdered peanuts or mushygooey black sesame but as for my family, we always prefer the plain and traditional ones. No fillings and only comes in white and pink. This year's a tad extraordinary tho. We have green! But my lovely apple green turns out to be....disgusting green.

Anyways, that bowl of tong yuen is soooo good that you will definitely crave for more. Dearest mummy boiled it with ginger, palm sugar, pandan leaves and GULA MELAKA! You know how gula melaka does wonders right? It is that gooooooood! =D

Oh and eating tong yuen also means that you've grown a year older!


Have a great day ahead lovelies!

Have fun eating those balls balls.


Lots of love,


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