Sunday, December 18, 2011

Updated like finally!

Oh my just look at how much i've been slacking in updating my blog. But fret not, now that i'm back, lemme just update you with a lil' stories of my life. One thing for sure, things have been going really good or i would say 'my way' and i am so glad to have all these wonderful people around me! :D

#1. Hennessy Artistry 2011.

It was the BIGGEST HA in 2011 that was held at MIECC on the 12th of November. I was pretty glad that i've met the bunch again and at the same time get to know some new friends as well. It was an alcohol event but believe it or not, i only drank two sips of Hennessy. Unbelievable? Believe it. =P

P/S: Do take notice at the watermark on the pictures below and feel free to read em' awesome blogs! Bet they'll blow your mind. =))

The usual bunch.

New found gorgeuos friend, Pennie!

Zhao, whom i only met like, once a year? LOL.

The #naanofmaibusiness team! Yet to have a makan session with em'! =(
*Please ignore my flabby arms kthxbai*

#2. Part time at PC Fair.

Part time work for HP at PC Fair on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December with babe Lucelia and Khai Chee! It's fun working with people you know and all we did during free time was doing what girls do best, GOSSIPS! =P

#3. Trip to Singapore.

Took some time off from work and decided to go to Singapore with family on 9th-13th of December. Will blog about the Christmas at Orchard Road as soon as possible! =)

So yeap, that's a wrap! Imma gonna get back to my work now. Another 9 more days to endure and gain back my college life! Till then!




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