Monday, October 15, 2012

Kampachi @Pavilion, KL.

Ahhhh, it has been a while since my last review about restaurants and food.

Allow me to drool you with the yet another awesome Japanese restaurant that we've tried few days back which is none other than KAMPACHI that's situated in Pavilion, KL!


As usual, the restaurant offers varieties of fine Japanese food selection and i swear i kept flipping the menu from front to back, back to front for the umpteenth times. I was spoilt for choice indeed. If only i could stomach a lil' of everything teehee.



Sashimi is a must!
It's pretty hard to get like really really fresh sashimi unless you're willing to fork out the extra bucks.

Back when i was so much younger (not like i'm that old now but yea haha) i find it so hard to stomach raw food as i find it pretty disgusting and tasted awful by the nasty fishy taste/smell. And there was once where pictures of an old Japanese man's brain was full with worms went viral in e-mails cause' of the raw food. Pretty yucky i must say.
 But not till the fact that almost every family members of mine love Japanese food and i've slowly overcome the fear and i am so proud to say that i LOVE em' fresh! Hah!

If you're wondering, that plate of sashimi costs nearly RM 300. Or slightly lower or more.

If you're wondering why it's costly that is cause of the toro fish aka fatty tuna. It is like one of the most valued sushi ingredient. Taste soooooooo good.


Ten Don Set. RM 45.

I love tempuras. Deep fried succulent prawns were the bomb. I like the fact that it's crunchy and not oily. If only they have that tempura dipping sauce then it would be perfect. 
It's serve with miso soup, pickles, radish and fruits. 
Balanced diet, no? =b


The Hot Pot Seafood Rice. RM 45.

Leave it for 7 minutes before you indulge in that.
I personally think that the rice is so-so but the ingredients like scallops and such were tasty.


Agedashi Tofu.
 (I'm sorry i really can't remember how much this is but i believe it has to be at least RM 20+.)

This is a must try. One of my favourite side dishes. I love how it was fried to perfection and the broth was simply delicious. Can never get bored of this.

Total damage was RM 600+. But there's another two sets of meals that were too late to be captured before they were digged in lol. 

I think this is the second premier Japanese restaurant that i've dine in after Tatsu that is situated in Intercontinental Hotel, KL. If you are a complete sucker for Japanese cuisine like me, hesitate no more.

P/S 1: I actually like how they offer us the 'lesser salty' version of shoyu. Taste good!
P/S 2: I might not be exactly right over the price stated above but it is more or less around that price. 
P/S 3: AM HUNGRY NOW AT 1.10 AM!!!

Kampachi is located at;

Lot 6.09.00, Level 6, 
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

On a side note, if you're looking for affordable and good Japanese buffet, feel free to check out this post right here!

Til' then, goodnight peeps!

Hungry Sue.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Have you tried isaki in sri hartamas? The food is so great there.