Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello 2013!


Teehee, i'm back peepo! Sorry for not updating my blog for months but no worries coz' i'm back! Honestly i was astonished when there's readers asking me to update this space coz' all along i thought no one reads this crappy site but now that i know, i feel so touched! Heh. Thank you and thank you! Sorry for the late update but it's always better than never. :)

Anyways, now that it's 2013, i wish all family and friends a great year ahead and may each and everyone of you are bless with joy, happiness and tonnes of luck throughout! Thank you for giving me such memorable 2012 as it was by far the best year i've ever come across and it would never be better without any of you. May this year be even greater than the years before. :)

Cheers to a remarkable year ahead!


Will blog about my trip to Singapore with my family about two months back in the next post! If you're interested in knowing what Marina Bay Sands has to offer, stay tune and i shall bring you into one of the most prestigious hotel in Singapore. Trust me, you will love the infinity pool. ;)

Lovestruck at the top of the world! <3 p="p">

Cheerios peeps!
Much love!

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Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you~