Saturday, September 12, 2009

The hideous truth.

Finally i`ve watched The Ugly Truth last night after such a long time since i last went to the cinemas. Went with Yau Shin to Alamanda Putrajaya coz' i was expecting lesser crowd there ( like always ) compared to places like Mid Valley. But it turns out to be wrong, the cinema was full. Maybe because its the fasting month also larh and it was a Friday night. Still, we were lucky enough to get the almost last two seats. =) And i realized that the advantages of watching movie in Alamanda is that you dont have to queue very long to buy your tix like what we usually experienced in the big complexes. Hate going through all the hassles. Even to find a parking space itself already take so much of precious time. So this 18 PL rated film is a must to see i would say. But just make sure that you`re above 18 and broad-minded enough aight? :P

Director : Robert Luketic
Starring : Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, Eric Winter, Bree Turner, Nick Searcy, Cherly Hines, John Michael Higgins.

Basically this movie is about the typical kind of male/female relationships. Its about the main characters, Abby ( Katherine Heigl ) - a producer of morning tv chatfest in Sacremento and Mike Chadway ( Gerard Butler ) - a chauvinist loudmouth whom hosts his own dating show " The Ugly Truth" where he bluntly lays down the reality of relationships and sets women straight on what men really want. These two characters initially dislike each other but eventually end up falling in love. Each scenes definitely has its own perks and its amuzing moments mainly involving Katherine Heigl whereby she lands herself in awkward situations. Remember 'Grey`s Anatomy' and '27 Dresses'?. Just look at the way she fits herself into every scene and boy you`d swear she's a movie queen. And all the obscenities will just get you rolling on the floor and laugh till your sides hurt. * ok, im just exaggerating* =)

And if you like the movie 'He`s Just Not That Into You', you might just want to watch this as well. Its hillarious! =) You can watch the trailer here.

The movie ended about 11.30 pm and we headed to a nearby place to catch a breath. Very quiet indeed, peaceful and with no disturbance at all (except for the time where the cops came to check and went off). Enjoying the view of the bridge and stars that filled up the sky while being cuddled was the best moment a girl would wish for. That kind of true feeling where we feel safe and protected being in the other person`s arms. But somehow, something just not right. Its not like what it used to be anymore and it`ll never be again. Still, to you-know-who-you-are, thank you for everything that you`ve done. Those times where you showered me with lotsa love and gifts and fed me with scrumptious food are pretty memorable. At least i know how love feels like and at the same time how painful a heartbreak can be. As the saying goes, 'Dont cry because its over, instead smile because it happened'.

'The truth can be ugly, but its also delightfully side-splitting'.


As i buried my face on your chest,
I could feel your heart beats so close to mine.

Goodnight, pumpkin.