Thursday, September 17, 2009

Of agony and joy.

I guess i woke up at the wrong side of the bed yesterday. It just wasnt my day. Obviously it wasnt my day, because it was someone else's day.


As i said, it wasnt my day because bad things came happening on me one after another and just let say it wasnt a smooth, productive day for me. While i was walking up the hill in college, i could feel the bad aura going and shiver ran down my spine. It was more like instincts, or sixth sense, you know, those kind of feeling that most females got before something bad occurs.

And here goes the;

Disastrous #1 ;

My slippers tore in the morning. Like in AGES since the last time i experienced that. I`ve got no idea why i wore that old pair of slippers yesterday. Really potong stim. It happened right after the first class finishes and we planned to go for our breakfast at McDonalds. So the kind person that Aaron was, he went all the way down to Block A to get me cellophane tapes so that i could taped the string back to the soles of the slipper and at least walk out to Giant to get a new pair. So i make do with it first, but end up i did not get a new pair of slippers because it worked perfectly fine again. And i dont have to spend another few ringgits to get a new one since i just got one like few weeks back. But i felt really bad for making them pulled back in the auditorium since everyone was so damn hungry at that time. After all the patching up it was right after 11 am already so we missed the breakfast meal and ended up in a nearby coffeeshop. Awwww, thank you and sorry yah guys!

Disastrous #2 ;

My right knee hurts. the whole morning. the freaking whole day. even till today. and i dont even know when and where i got that big blue black mark being stamped on my knee. Its a bit swollen also. Pain leh...

Disastrous #3 ;

No electricity again in the college. Its exactly the same time and day like last week. And i fell in the auditorium. My legs were stuck in between the chairs and that adds up to the pain in my knee. Oh, please dont imagine how did that happened k?. *embarrassed* :P

Disastrous #4 ;

We were in Jusco to celebrate Coddy's birthday. And as i was trying to pull up my jeans with my left hand, my nail belonging to the middle finger, bended upwards. Can you imagine if you have long fingernails and this kind of thing happen to you? And the nail started to turn black. Yes, blood clot and it was still bleeding from the inside. Ok, now tell me, is there anything to strenghten your nails ar? Nail strengthener?

A piece of advice;
*do not keep long fingernails* c=


So after class at 5 pm we went back home to freshen up and head to Jusco Cheras Selatan to have dinner and watched a Singapore horror movie; 'Where Got Ghosts?'. The group ate at Teppanyaki but Woon Chin, Angeline and myself decided to sneak McDonalds McValue Meals into the cinema.

We were 15 minutes late and we sort of missed the first part which was Ghost on The Roadside. Its a 3-in-1 film and the remaining two are Ghost in The Jungle and Ghost in The House. The spookiest one is Ghost in The Jungle. I kid you not, but it can really make you pee in your pants. It felt as if your heart can burst out anytime soon. Overall it was funny and entertaining yet tear-jerking at the same time. You'll scream at some sudden appearing ghost scenes and yet it'll make you laugh simultaneously especially if you had watch 'Money No Enough Part II'. As usual, its all about the gambling, greed and filial piety.

So there goes the new born genre; ' horr-medy ' ( horror + comedy).

Then again, eventho it wasnt a smooth sailing day for me, at least nothing extremely big and bad thing happen. It was still a fun day afterall.

Cheers. =)

p/s : Whose up for G-force next?

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jom tengok G-force :D