Friday, September 28, 2012

The Last Week of September;

Oh hi,

My name is Sophia and i am gonna fill this post with more pictures today.

Lesser words, more pictures ok? *smirks*

#1. Awesome-pawsumm bunch.

#2. Beautiful Sky.

To me at least.

#3. The Love of My Life; Honeydew.

#4. Cappucino Cheesecake from Secret Recipe.

#5. Shells, seashells.

#6. Asahi Bloggers Get-together @ Rootz, Lot 10.

Good companions with good awesome food = bliss.

#7. First Class Boarding Passes to Club Asahi.

#8. Because clear photos are too mainstream.

Hence, uber blur! =P

#9. Leopard Print is <3 .="." b="b">

#10. The Unbeatable.

That's all about it.

Abrupt ending.


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